biography of Ukrainian investor Guram Nemsadze
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Guram Nemsadze is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, investor, author of patents, founder of GIR Group and Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Guram Nemsadze, biography of Ukrainian investor

Guram Nemsadze is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, investor, author of patents, founder of GIR Group and Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Guram Nemsadze biography

Guram Nemzadze was born in Donetsk, grew up, received secondary and higher education, later started working, founded his own business.
Date of birth: 2.01.1982
Guram Nemsadze family: married, with 3 children.

Education and scientific work

Guram Givievich Nemsadze graduated Donetsk National University with a master's degree with honors in the specialty "Finance and Banking". This is not Nemsadze's only education. Guram Givievich also has diplomas in the specialties "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Human Resource Management at the Enterprise".

Guram Nemsadze continued to get a new education. Among the higher educational institutions where he studied:

  • State Institute for Personnel Training under the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine
  • Postgraduate studies at the University of the State Fiscal Service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (Irpin), 2017–2020.
  • Chernihiv Polytechnic University. Here Guram Nemsadze defended (2021) his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Financial Architecture of Corporations in an Unstable Economic Environment”.

Independently or in co-authorship, Guram Nemsadze wrote many scientific publications. Among them:
1. "Analysis of the impact of financial architecture on the efficiency of the financial activities of a corporation" (published by "Business Inform", the publication operates on the basis of the Research Center for Industrial Development Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
2. "Complex supply of refractory products - effective reduction of unit costs" (2013)
3. "Improving the durability of the lining of steel-pouring ladles" (published as a separate edition)
4. “Financial architecture of a corporation: essence and components” (2017)

Guram Nemsadze is a regular participant in various national and international scientific events. Recently, he has participated in conferences based on scientific institutions in Ukraine, Germany, and the USA. Nemsadze Guram is a graduate of several language schools. Fluent in three foreign languages: English, German, Spanish. Speaks Ukrainian, Russian.

In addition, Guram Givievich Nemsadze patented two inventions:
1. 2018 — "Dinas refractory" (Ukraine)
2. 2020 - "Wood Stove" (USA)

Path in business

High academic performance at the university, as well as talent for financial activities, diligence and other professional qualities helped Nemsadze to start working while still studying. His first job was in a construction company, where Guram Nemsadze joined as an economist-analyst in 2003.

Guram Nemsadze immediately demonstrated high efficiency and initiative. During the first year of work, he suggested effective ways to improve the company's business performance. This allowed him to quickly move up the career ladder - soon Guram Givievich Nemsadze became deputy director for finance.

The list of Nemsadze's key achievements in the construction company includes:
1. Implementation of a modern accounting system;
2. Minimization of inventory costs due to the development of automation;
3. Partnership with foreign investors whose investments contributed to the growth of the company.

These skills helped Nemsadze later on when he founded the Litera development company. From 2005 to 2014, this company was engaged in the development of business centers and residential complexes in Donetsk. After the outbreak of hostilities, the business was stopped. On the other hand, working with finances contributed to Nemsadze's transition to a new field of activity. His new place of work was a company with a long history - the Krasnoarmeisky Dinas Brick Plant. Here Guram Nemsadze took the position of Director for Economics and Finance. At that time, this one of the oldest enterprises in the region was going through difficult times, being on the verge of bankruptcy. However, the active position taken by Guram Givievich Nemsadze helped the company achieve better business results.

Businessman Guram Nemsadze initiated a significant upgrade of the management system and technology upgrade. To do this, it was necessary to establish a sustainable attraction of investments, which was implemented by Guram Nemsadze. Most importantly, he managed to seriously improve production efficiency:

  • Automation of work processes and computerization of business was carried out, which accelerated the processing of orders;
  • Updated and improved inventory management system in warehouses - stocks have decreased;
  • Restarted after a long downtime of the laboratory of the plant, where scientists began to work again;
  • Standardized financial reporting, improved data protection;
  • Increased output per worker.

Then Guram Nemsadze focused on attracting investments. Guram Nemsadze invested his own money in government securities. This made it possible to significantly increase capital and become a shareholder of the Krasnoarmeisky Dinas Brick Plant.

Later, Guram Nemsadze took up business consolidation. In 2011, longtime competitors merged: Krasnogorovsky Refractory Plant and Krasnoarmeisky Silicate Plant. Together with the Dinas brick factory, they formed the GIR Group. It became clear that the company needed its own raw materials base - so the Kirovograd Mining Company was founded as part of the GIR Group. Over time, the group's enterprises began to produce fundamentally new materials that were developed on the basis of their own laboratory. More than 30 new refractory products have been launched on the market.

Investor Guram Nemsadze included Veliko-Adolsk Refractory Plant and Kondratiev Refractory Plant next in the GIR Group. Nemsadze also implemented projects for their modernization and improvement of environmental friendliness. Since 2012 GIR EUROPA Sp. z o.o. (Poland) and GIR International, uniting about 500 partner companies. In 2015, ABC Manufactured goods LLC was launched, representing the interests of GIR in North America (USA, Canada). The expansion of the business was supervised by Guram Nemsadze.

Today GIR Group is a key player in the market of refractory products, an innovator, a leader in product range and quality. Moreover, the creation of a group of companies on the initiative of Nemsadze made it possible to save the entire Ukrainian production of refractories. If prior its establishment many enterprises were on the verge of closure, and the main customers - metal manufacturers - worked with foreign suppliers, then Guram Nemsadze managed to offer a new product. The refractories produced by GIR Group have displaced foreign players by being more economical. All this contributed to the development of the Ukrainian economy.

As of 2022, the GIR Group unites more than 1,700 employees. Guram Nemsadze is engaged in strengthening the export positions of the business. The main focus is the US and Indian markets. In total, the group's plants produce more than 140 thousand tons of refractory products every year. Annual sales exceed $60 million.